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I'm Md. Maksudur Rahman Khan from Bangladesh but mostly known as my nickname, Maateen. Thus my full name has become Maksudur Rahman Maateen over social networks. I really love it. 

What I think about myself?

Basically I'm a Python programmer, love to play with Python. I have experience of developing business automation and Linux System Administration. Mostly I get myself lost off and on in the immense beauty of programming. I like Linux and believe in the spirit of Open-Source software.

During working, I often hear and sing music. Reading book and blog at leisure is my hobby. Oh! I forgot. I am a dedicated contributor to Ubuntu.

Actually I'm not a dreamer, just a sailor and always sailing for new technology.

What is in my skill set?

Professionally, I am a full stack developer, mostly play with Python. Coming from System Administration background, I have gathered huge knowledge about server, security and deployment. In Linux System Administration, I have 2+ years of working experience. And obviously, my love is Python now and I wanna build my future career on it. Please let me enlist my primary skills:

Python: Flask, PyGtk3, Django

System Administration: Web Server, FTP Server, Database Server, VPN Server, DNS Server, Load Balancing, Clusturing, Security Filters, Email Services with anti-spam, Server Administration Software (cPanel, Plesk, Webmin etc.)

My current working environment is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I know git and mostly work with GitHub & GitLab. I can deploy any WebApp on any server or cloud solution. Besides these, I have some secondary skills:

  • C
  • Java
  • PHP (WordPress)
  • Bash
  • Javascript

What is my contribution to OSS community?

In 2013 I joined BDOSN and contributed to aware people about the advantage of Open Source softwares. After two years, I left BDOSN. In June, 2014 I joined Mozilla and contributed by translating SeaMonkey browser into bengali. From 2015, I am an active Student Ambassador of Mozilla Bangladesh. Oh! I forgot. From 2012, I am actively contributing to Ubuntu. Also, you can find my personal Open Source projects on GitHub or here.

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