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Top 5 PDF Reader for Android

3 years, 7 months ago Android

To read PDF files in our smartphone we need a PDF reader installed on the phone. Many Android phones available on the market have a PDF reader already installed. But if there is no PDF reader installed there new users fall in a great problem. They don't understand which is the best one for them. For this reason, now I will suggest you the top 5 PDF reader.
This image refers to top 5 pdf reader for android.

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How to root Symphony W30

3 years, 7 months ago Android

Symphony Xplorer W30 is a very complicated android phone to me  as its custom Rom, driver, rooting tool aren't available like others. I've surfed on internet since I bought this phone to find out the best one click rooting tool for Symphony W30. And finally I've got a solution. Now I'll tell you how to root symphony w30.

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